I am Kirk Byram and I am running for Sheriff of Vanderburgh County.  I would appreciate your vote.  I am a life long resident of Vanderburgh County and a 21 year veteran of the Sheriff’s Office.  I am a candidate you can count on.


SOCIAL MEDIA.  Social media is becoming more and more important to the people of our community.  The Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office needs to do a much better job of staying in touch with the public for their ideas and concerns.  Currently, the VCSO’s social media use is mostly news releases about crime and accidents, all negatives and no positives.  We are failing to build a relationship with the people we protect and serve.  Also, we need to publicly recognize deputies on social media for good deeds that currently go unnoticed.  As sheriff I will increase the use of the internet, Facebook, and other social media for regular dialogue and information. (Aug 2013)

JOINT TRAINING.  I believe we need to mend and strengthen relationships with our local law enforcement brothers and sisters.  We are all missing out by not training side by side with local agencies.  Not just with the Evansville Police Department, but surrounding agencies.  This would be more cost effective for all agencies and taxpayers while improving our ability to jointly respond to emergency situations.  Officers and deputies I talk with agree with me.  We all work together in the same community, but we don’t train together.  I believe the consolidation issue drove a wedge even further between two great police agencies, the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office and the Evansville Police Department. (Aug 2013)

INTERNAL INVESTIGATIONS.  I believe any suspected criminal activity by a member or employee of the sheriff’s office should be investigated by an outside police agency.  The current policy of doing such investigations within the department fails to build trust of the public and puts undue pressure on fellow employees. (Aug 2013)

RESERVE DEPUTY PROGRAM.  I believe the sheriff’s office needs to revitalize the Volunteer Reserve Deputy Program. This is a service to the taxpayers of Vanderburgh County that allows qualified citizens the opportunity to work side by side with active sheriff’s office employees, while saving the taxpayers money.  I started my career over 23 years ago as a Volunteer Reserve Deputy.  I did so while working part-time and while attending college.  At that time we had numerous reserve deputies serving in various capacities within the sheriff’s office; i.e. jail operations, subpoena service, motor patrol, etc…  Unfortunately, this program has become virtually extinct making Vanderburgh County one of the few counties in the state without an active, up-to-date, flourishing reserve deputy program. (Oct 2013)

COMMUNITY POLICING.  We need to strengthen our relationship with our local community.  I propose to assign a deputy to every in county neighborhood organization.  This will create a liaison between the citizens and the Sheriff’s Office.  This way there can be two way communication to keep the citizens informed on any important information they need to help keep them and their family safe.  (May 2014)

UPDATED.  A cop a day helps keep the criminal away.  My simple vision of how the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office will create a first ever policy of Community Policing.  I believe county residents should see a sheriff’s car patrolling their neighborhood at least once every 24 hours.  Toward that goal I am proposing the establishment of a sheriff’s substation at Burdette Park.  Also, I will assign a deputy to every county neighborhood association.

I’ve had enough of the “old school” policies, of “who you know,” or “where you live.” There should be equal protection under the law.  These changes don’t cost money.  They only require a change of thinking.  A Sheriff with new ideas who will emphasize deputies stopping in your neighborhood to play a bit of pitch and catch with your kids.  Or, just talk with you to stay in touch with what is going on in your neighborhood.

Just like the days of the, “cop walking the beat,” I will assign a deputy to each of the organized neighborhood associations in the county.  These deputies will be responsible for attending association meetings.  They individually and collectively will report back to my administration with the people’s concerns and problems.  We will then be better able to protect and serve by anticipating, planning and stopping future crimes.  Making you and your family safer.

Crime has no boundaries.  That is why our community policing efforts in the county will strive to partner with the city’s already successful programs.

I am often asked what I will do as Sheriff.  Along with a money saving Volunteer Reserve Deputy Program, improving the operation and cost of the jail and a united law enforcement effort between city, county and most importantly the citizens we serve. We will make ALL of Vanderburgh County safer!  (July 2014)

ADOPT A SCHOOL.  I will create an adopt a school policy.  Every deputy with a take home vehicle will adopt an in county school.  This means these deputies will be required to stop in the adopted school on a regular basis to get to know the students, parents, and faculty.  This will help strengthen relationships with our community and help keep you and family safe.  (May 2014)

It’s all part of my first priority as sheriff.  Keeping you and your family safe!